Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Moving On!

My journey, it seems, has come to an untimely end, on Google Blogger at least.
I am very pleased to announce my Nature North East website is now officially live at http://www.naturenortheast.co.uk/.
From now on this will be the new home for my blogs, photography and in the future, a video series.
Though I will still be posting content to the Nature North East Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, the website will offer much more high quality versions of my photography, blogs and videos.
Any positive or negative feedback is more than welcome so that I can iron out any kinks or glitches in the machine should they arise.
Below is a small preview.

- David

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Swollen Seas

Bubbling and powerful, the North Sea savagely struck the shoreline of the North East coast around St Mary's yesterday. The morning was grey, dull and miserable; but on the eastern horizon the light of the sun burst through the heavy clouds and lit up a small portion of the distant sky. A stunningly gothic morning on the tidal shore.
- David

Shorelark, Blyth Harbour

An approachable Shorelark lurking around Blyth South Harbour?
Count me in!
The Shorelark / Eremophila Alpestris; is a scant visitor to our North East coast during the colder months of the year and at the mouth of the river Blyth I saw my first!
I had read online of news of an individual bird at the harbour and unfortunately I first got the news when I was preoccupied at the gym and the sun was already fading, so I decided that the following afternoon I would go and have a look after work. 
That day I was treated to some fantastic views of this lone Lark.

- David