Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Arcot Pond 24/11/2013

A two hour twitch at Arcot began pretty slow and inactive. Plenty Mute Swan, 2 Heron, multiple Black Headed Gull and a flock of Teal.
Once the sun broke out, from behind the clouds, the pond sprung to life.
A flock of 4 Goosander (1 M & 3 F) appeared, a lone male Wigeon, Common Gull, 6 Moorhen, a solitary Coot. 
The sun woke one of the Grey Heron up and began fishing along the reeded banks on the far side.
In the field a flock of Goldfinch flew back and fourth, and on the far side of the pond a female Sparrowhawk flew into the trees, fanned her tail and quickly disappeared deeper into the wooded area and out of sight.
Amazing how a little bit more light can change the atmosphere of a place.