Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Cross Gill Gorse Bush Massacre

Thursday, 16th October,  was a dark day from start to finish.  The dark grey cloudy sky unleashed that awful rain that seems to just smother the air and have no direct drops. Causing everything to get damp and stay damp!

I was out on site, working with the Durham Wildlife Trust Reserve Officers and volunteers, we were at Cross Gill, County Durham.  Half of the vol's set to work continuing work on a new fence whilst the other half attempted to light a fire to burn scrub cuttings, and myself having recently passed my chainsaw assessment and gained my license, I was tasked with felling Gorse bushes that lay along a high peninsula of rock. The views from the cliff top were fantastic even in the unruly weather, to be honest the weather played its part in giving the area an eerie but cosy atmosphere.

Whilst working at Cross Gill we had great views of Stonechat's, a Kestrel, Gulls and (although I never saw it) a Green Woodpecker.

A fun few hours work, and fellow birders out there don't worry there is still a huge amount of Gorse for migrants to drop down into! ;)

The pictures of me with the chainsaw were taken from the Durham Wildlife Trust Volunteer website. Check it out and see what work the Trust and the volunteers are up too.