Monday, 13 January 2014

First day as a voluntary Ranger

On Saturday, 11/1/2014, I started my first day as a 'Voluntary Conservation Ranger' at Gibside.
A nice change from my dusty, sweaty week job, and the weather on the day made it the perfect day for it, bright and fresh.
As I write this I feel myself getting tired, long day back at the grind, so I'll simply write a species list of sightings from that day.
Bear in mind I wasn't actively was just the perks of the job. 
Red Kite, these majestic birds of prey are stunning and numerous in the Derwent Valley! 

The feeder outside the office was regularly visited by, 
Blue Tit
Coal Tit
Great Tit

And of course the regular common birds showed up,
Wood Pigeon
Carrion Crow
Black Headed Gull
And on the mammal side of things,
3 Grey Squirrel on the walk up from the car park & a Roe Deer flushed from the undergrowth as we reached the bonfire site.
A trip to Arcot Lake on route home showed nothing of interest and was significantly quiet. Until a huge flock of Crow came in to roost.