Saturday, 11 April 2015

Patch Platinum: Arcot Pond Osprey

Upon finishing work on Wednesday afternoon, 8th April 2015, I headed across to my patch (Arcot Pond & Grasslands) and was greeted with my first Swallow and Sand Martin of the year. I had a scan of the pond from the southern field and was pleased to see the drake Pintail was still present on the Northern side of the pond. The newly arrived Chiffchaffs provided a none stop soundtrack of 'Chiff-Chaffing' to the patch and a few Toads were noticeable as they marched through the grass in search of a good time.
I took a slow walk to the Eastern edge of the pond and sat in the reed bed for almost an hour and a half, completely chilled and watching life at Arcot go on around me.
I was just turning to leave and head back to the car when suddenly all the birds took to the sky. I presumed the local Buzzard was just passing through as it is usually does, that was until I looked up to see an OSPREY!! WOW!! My first ever osprey and on my patch as well, this was amazing and so unexpected. I suppose that's the thing about wildlife watching you just never know what is going to turn up and in that lies the thrill.
The Osprey proceeded to fish the waters in front of me, at times drifting thirty feet or so overhead. It was incredibly unphased by my presence flying much closer than even the Arcot Buzzard would ever do.
After a handful of fishing attempts, incredible to watch, and ten minutes of relentless mobbing by crows and gulls it swiftly headed North.

What an experience. What a Bird. What a patch treat! Wow!
(Shame about how overcast it was for photography)

Nature North East / The Northern Owl Project

Just to prove the Osprey was at Arcot ;)