Thursday, 5 February 2015

Bohemian Like You

Yesterday, despite feeling terrible and coughing something rotten, I took a trip to South Shields and went searching for the most popular bird in the North East, the lone Waxwing on the the Leas. Birders and photographers alike have been flocking to see him, King Quiff! 
Waxwings have to be one of my top songbirds and my favourite winter visitor, excluding the migrant Short Eared Owls that join us from Europe. They're just a delight to watch and this was the first I've seen for a few years. I couldn't have asked for better views, at times it was down to about 6 feet, periodically disappearing for a drink or because of dog disturbance but always returning to the same area. A very confiding individual.

Although I left feeling considerably worse than when I arrived, no doubt due to the bitter wind and snow fall it was well worth the increased illness. The things you do for wildlife eh?

Nature North East/ The Northern Owl Project