Monday, 2 February 2015

The Watcher On The Road

The North East is renowned for its folklore & legends, this blog concerns that of the legend of the Druridge Little Owl, an enigma, a silent sentinel and a secretive inhabitant of the country lane.
Now I say 'Owl' but what I should say is Owls, after all I've heard there is at least three known to inhabit the area!
Yes, the Little Owl that are said to haunt the old lane are spoken of in birding circles but its finding them that's the problem. I've tried a handful of times before and seen nothing, though its very likely that a pair of bright yellow eyes were watching me every time.

Early this afternoon I struck gold instantly and finally managed to get a great view of the watcher on the road. I approached slowly, methodically and positioned the car alongside this beautiful bird. It seemed calm, not phased by myself or the car and more focused on the slight breeze in the air.

I'll not bog this blog entry down with writing, I'll simply let the photographs do the talking for me.


Nature North East/ The Northern Owl Project