Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Famous Five

Well I've finally photographed all five species of British Owl with my SLR, some it must be said better than others. Here are a handful of my shots from the past few days.

Tawny Owls At Roost
Two different locations and two very different individuals. The first being a much smaller more rufous coloured bird and the second 'urban' Owl being considerably larger and darker. Both were incredibly confiding and a joy to observe.

Long Eared Owl Pair
I practically walked into these two beauties. Amazing to see them so close and not smothered in scrub and a struggle to find.

Barn Owl Hunting On Patch
Definitely not my finest shot but in near darkness this could have been worse. Great to see Barn Owl activity on patch #2. I have my suspicions as to where it roosts and fingers crossed it has a successful breeding year in 2015. Here's hoping.
I'm thinking a barnie box would be great here, ready for 2016!

Little Owl
Although I did visit a new Little Owl site both today and yesterday, I didn't manage to photograph the birds. A pair of Jackdaw had made the Owls very weary and I only managed to get a fleeting glimpse both days. These two photographs are of the Druridge bird that I never uploaded.

Short Eared Owl
Unfortunately views today of a shortie were very brief, I did manage to get a few shots in. Not my finest by a country mile but just getting to see the bird was a thrill enough.

Nature North East/ The Northern Owl Project